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Weald Agility is a Kennel Club registered Society dedicated to promoting positive dog training methods that develop the working bond between dog and handler in a playful unstressed manner.


We have a wide ranging membership from all walks of life with many different types of dogs, all with one thing in common, “The love of their Dogs”.


The East Sussex Dog Training Club With An Agility Addiction

Contact us by email at:

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please feel free to explore this web site, contact details and training information can be found on the subsequent pages.


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Amos Steeplechasing at the Heathfield Show 2023 by JonnyWattUK


Dates for your Diary.........

WAGS are running a Steeplechase series throughout the winter 

Friday 27th October / 10th November / 01st December/ 19th January / 16th February and 8th March. entries only via Agility Plaza

Heathfield Show 25th May - watch this space!

WAGS Happy Dog at the Heathfield Show 2023 by JonnyWattUK
Agility League

Online Weald Agility League

WAGS Heathfield Show 2023 - Flight by JonnyWattUK


We Are WAGS!

We meet Thursday evenings throughout the year at Golden Cross Equestrian
Centre in Golden Cross, where we cater for all grades of Agility dogs and
handlers from complete beginners through to Grade 7, people with many years’
experience and a cupboard full of trophies. 
Under our Kennel Club status we are unable to accept dogs under 12 months
What we do is to train dog owners how to train their dogs to do Agility and in
doing so enjoy an activity with their pets and to have fun.  It can be very
frustrating at times, just like any other new activity, but remember an old adage
in Agility, “It takes about 6 months to train a dog, but 18 months to train the
As with any new activity your progress will be largely determined by the effort
you put in.  It is a good idea to practice at home with or without obstacles, the
trainer will be able to assist with ideas for even the smallest of spaces. Basic
obstacles can be made up easily and cheaply, and it is an extra opportunity to
have fun with your dog.
Before you start Agility it is a good idea for your dog to have basic obedience
and a good recall at the very least. They should be able to obey basic
commands; respond to it’s name, “sit”, “stay” etc.  As part of the Agility
training these basic commands will be reinforced and extended.
We are currently running 6 classes of 6 dogs over 2 sessions.  We presently
have dogs ranging from beginners through to grade 7. Each class usually has no
more than 2 heights within the group and is normally of similar ability where
possible. Traditionally the beginners runs from 8.30 -9.30pm.

The sand school is split up into 3 areas each with a piece of agility equipment.
Each week we aim to train in 2 areas (30 minutes in each) and start in the third
area the following week. With this rotation everyone has the chance to train all
equipment over a period of 2 weeks.

Our equipment is all to Kennel Club specification and the contacts are Rubber
on Aluminium. We also have training aids in house, such as channel weaves
and stride regulators.

Agility is at heart a competitive sport, and we encourage all members to take
part in competitions.  We hold our own competition in October each year.  This
is open to members of other clubs who wish to enter and is our largest fund
raising event.  It goes a long way to keeping our training fees low. 
We also attend various Fetes etc during the Summer months to give
demonstrations, where the public can see us perform, much to their, and our,
If you have any questions please feel free to speak to any member of the Club or
Committee member.  Remember, we are all here to enjoy ourselves and to have
For further details please contact the Secretary
at or any member of the Committee.